The first blockchain-based scientific ecosystem to integrate a Social Media Scientific Network, Funding Platform and Decentralized Publishing Mechanism.

It will cover all the required functionalities during the scientific discovery process.

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About Us

Our goal is to create an ecosystem where anyone in the scientific community around the globe will have the ability
to gather funding, interact, discuss research ideas, collaborate and in the end, publish their work through a more efficient, intuitive and transparent platform.

Why Scienceroot?

The current system of attaining funding, collaboration, and publishing findings is outdated and inefficient. Scienceroot aims to leverage the decentralizing power of blockchain technology and incentivizing power of cryptoeconomics to solve the biggest problems with the status quo.

Challenges in the scientific landscape

  • Limited access to research output. Knowledge is controlled by centralized companies and scientific discoveries are kept behind paywalls.
  • No rewards for the authors or reviewers.
  • Reproducibility crisis. Results confirming established information are rarely published, increasing thus the concern over the reliability of the scientific reports.
  • Wrong incentives; where you publish has become more important than the actual publication itself
  • Only successful results are published. Even though failure is a necessary part of making progress, null hypotheses and negative results are rarely shared within the scientific community.
  • Fractured platforms only addressing limited needs within the scientific community.

Scientific Ecosystem

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Unique currency icon

Unique Currency

We will create our own cryptocurrency, Science Token, which can be exchanged instantly, regardless of the user’s location. This makes it much easier for both the global scientific and non-scientific community to get directly involved in promoting science by investing their money in a worthy cause.

Unique identities icon

Unique Identities

By integrating projects like ORCID and ResearchID with our Blockchain Platform we can ensure an immutable persistent digital identifier that can be integrated within research workflows like grant submission, research walk-through, manuscript submission and much more.

Immutable archive icon

Immutable Archive

Every article submission will be time-stamped on our blockchain to create an immutable open access archive of all scientific articles. No single individual or group will have control over the system and all information will be clearly accessible to everyone.

Rewarding systems icon

Rewarding systems

We will establish an incentivizing mechanism for peer-reviewing and a rewarding program for the authors of scientific papers. Every half a year we will be ranking the top cited articles and the authors will be rewarded accordingly. Readers will also be able to reward authors if they find the articles useful.

Collaboration platform icon

Collaboration Platform

Join our Scientific Collaboration Network, create a unique profile, connect with fellow peers and showcase your research.

Create your own scientific repository and team up with others to experiment and share ideas.

Are you stuck on something or just need access to a specific tool to test your hypothesis?

Be part of our incetivized Q&A forum and decentralized scientific marketplace. Use your expertise to the benefit of others and get rewarded.

Funding platform icon

Funding Platform

Are you a graduate student in need for a PhD position or a job? Do you need to fund your research and don’t know which grants you can access?

Our funding portal lets you access a complete index of all international research grants, funding opportunities and scientific jobs.

If you didn`t find anything, you could submit your proposal to the power of the crowd via our own scientific blockchain-funding mechanism.

Blockchain-based grants will be easier to configure, track and distribute.

Publishing platform icon

Publishing Platform

Every article submission will be time-stamped on our blockchain to create an immutable open access archive of all scientific articles.

No single individual or group will have control over the system and all information will be clearly accessible to everyone.

We welcome journals willing to adopt blockchain into their platform by integrating our decentralized publishing framework.

We will support the publication of failed hypothesis and negative results. This way, researchers can pick off the work from a different perspective, therefore sparing time and resources.

Call To Action

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More Features

Scientific repositories icon

Scientific Repositories

Maintaining perfect documentation becomes a whole lot easier with the underlying blockchain approach. The blockchain's immutability aspect guarantees unfalsifiability and a clear, timestamped documentation. Even negative results can be submitted for the purpose of saving time and resources to other groups. It will be like a Github for Science where you can fork the ideas from other researchers and continue to work on them without having to worry about identity theft.

Idea crowdfunding icon

Idea Crowdfunding

Showcase and support your idea with the help of the scientific repository and gather the funding that you need. People will be able to choose based on the presented information if your idea is feasible and decide how much they are willing to invest in you. In the future this will be able to work not only with Science Tokens(ST) but also with individual tokens created for each project.

Blockchain grants icon

Blockchain Grants

It is simpler to configure, track and distribute funding with the help of blockchain. The public ledger allows you to track the exact value sent and where it was sent, smart contracts allow you to configure how the funds are released and when they will be available. International Grants will be far more easily to be awarded and awarding time will be greatly reduced.

Scientific marketplace icon

Decentralized Scientific Marketplace

Exchange your Science Tokens (ST) for services or offer your ability to others. Services you can expect to find range from scientific writing and editing, to assistance with projects, verifying results and setups or renting equipment without any middleman. We ensure a smooth operation by employing one unique identity per user, silencing fake reviews and prevent scamming.

Funding science icon

Funding Science with Blockchain

Institutions will be able to support Scienceroots Ecosystem and be rewarded for securing the network. By implementing the PoS Algorithm and using Masternodes institutions and funding organizations will be able to help secure our network. PoS works different than PoW because it removes Miners and the network is secured by staked coins making it more environment-friendly.

Incentivized review icon

Incentivized Review and Author Rewards

Reviewers are the key to checking and confirming the validity of the published scientific papers. We value the work of the referees and that is why a percentage of the submission fee will be redirected to incentivize them. This way, we will not only speed up the reviewing process, but also improve the quality of the publications. Every half a year we will be ranking the top cited articles and the authors will be rewarded accordingly from the Scienceroot Fund. Readers will also be able to reward authors if they find the articles useful.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • A huge desire exists within the community to approach science with greater transparency and openness. As such, Scienceroot builds its ecosystem on the blockchain to allow for truthful and public records.

    Companies are distributing their resources in a centralized fashion, shutting off content behind paywalls. Utilizing underlying blockchain technology, we create a robust platform immune to censorship and fake information.

  • After analyzing the current scientific discovery process, we came up with 3 key elements of the scientific lifecycle that every scientist will go through.

    1. Collaboration – Find peers to collaborate with

    2. Funding – Search and apply for funding

    3. Publishing – Expose your work to the world

  • Scienceroot is one compact platform offering you access to tools and peers alike, all in one place. With the help of the underlying currency we are able to bring collaboration to a worldwide level.

    The ecosystem will include a decentralized scientific marketplace, scientific directories and allows you to launch your own crowdfunding campaigns.

    Reach out for help to peers at any time and reap your reward for helping out!

  • Science Token (ST) is the currency used within the Scienceroot ecosystem. It will be used for all functionalities offered on our platform.

  • The purpose of Scienceroot will be solely to promote and sustain science and research, with the help of blockchain. We welcome new companies which want to adopt blockchain into their platforms and will have the possibility to do this within our ecosystem. For example, already existing journals will have the possibility to integrate our decentralized publishing framework into their existing business. The only requirement for future partners will be to publish the content open access.

  • Blockchain allows Scienceroot to provide its users with scientific workspaces with built-in immutability and transparency. Submissions are automatically timestamped and hardwired to your identity, making later claims of IP theft easy to disprove!

Our Team

Alexandru team member

Alexandru Chirita

Vlad team member

Vlad Günther

Michael team member

Michael Schönbeck

Public relations
Frederik team member

Frederik Huschebeck

Blockchain developer
Luca team member

Luca Tisu

Org. Development
Sven team member

Sven Seemann

Frontend and Blockchain Developer
Marius Chirita team member

Marius Chirita, MSc

External Communications
Garazi Monzó team member

Garazi Monzó Contreras

Community Manager


Token sale

Token Supply

500 000 000


1 ST – 0.1$

  • 60% Tokensale
  • 15% Founders, Team, Advisors and Early Contributors
  • 3% Bounty, Airdrop, Community
  • 2% Referral
  • 20% Scienceroot Fund
  • 30% Software Deelopment
  • 40% Business Development
  • 15% Operations and services
  • 10% Reserve and Unexpected
  • 5% Legal


April 2017

Concept of Scienceroot

August 2017


October 2017

Product Development

February 2018

MVP with Ethereum Blockchain

April 2018

Alpha Prototype Social Network

June 2018

Initial Coin Offering

July 2018

Beta Scientific Social Network

August 2018

Scientific Repositories

December 2018

Scientific Marketplace

January 2019


Q1 2019

Decentralized Publishing Framework

Q1 2020

First blockchain Grants

Q2 2020

Scienceroot Journal

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The first blockchain-based scientific ecosystem

For any inquiries, business proposals or collaborations feel free to reach out to us.

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